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AngleLock Blog: Maintenance & Downtime

Combating Aluminum Fatigue Failure in Your Framing Design

If it’s good enough for the aerospace industry, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Troubleshooting – A Designer’s Tips

The vibratory bowl feeder is a simple idea that’s turned into a standard for productive, speedy...

Metal Framing System Product Cost: Steel vs. Aluminum

In the industrial world, there’s the daily hustle, and then there’s the bigger picture of...

Angle Bracket Design: Load Stress in Modular Structural Framing

How do you treat your connections – as an afterthought or a feature?

Angle brackets (also called...

AngleLock Bringing Patented Framing System to WESTEC 2023

Across nearly 60 years, WESTEC has proved to be a source of world-class education and inspiration...

AngleLock: The Successor in High-Durability Aluminum Framing Systems

Imagine never having to tighten a fastener again.

Machine Structure Design: 5 Cost Reduction Techniques

The most overlooked decision in industrial design today is how you’ll support the operation from...

T-Slot Alternatives for Framing System Cost & Performance

There are a lot of structural framing systems out there for the small-scale builder. As long as...

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Cost: T-Slot vs. Advanced Framing Systems

In product design, think of cost as a two-part formula: Up-front price and long-term value.


Industrial & Machine Door Design 101

Until one suddenly fails, operators often take doors for granted.