Controlling the Dynamics of Motion.

We discovered the Textonic Science. 

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Our science delivers a solid, stable and safe alumnium structure that resists the natural dynamics of motion.

What we offer

This breakthrough in structural engineering delivers strength and vibration resistance orders of magnitude stronger than traditional T-slot aluminum, revolutionizing load-bearing capabilities.

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Why Choose AngleLOCK
Extreme Strength

"Experience the strength of breakthrough engineering with the next generation of aluminum extrusion technology 5 plane locking technology that even performs steel in vibration and assembly times. 

Precision Unbreakable Lock

These components are unique in that where others loosen and break under vibration this breakthrough gets stronger and tightens into a bonded connection.

Perfect Alignment

With these new AngleLock high strength patented designs the auto alignment enable precise and fast assembly with no adhesives for support plates as other older extrusions do.

for Safety

Safety is key in every manufacturing environment, thus stronger and tested over 100x durability, AngleLock structures are Extremely Safe


The Possibilities Are Endless

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