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A US Manufacturer of Premier Aluminum Framing Solutions

AngleLock's USA manufactured, patented, self-aligning technology
replaces traditional t-slots.

Versatility and functionality combines to deliver consistent, durable, structured solutions to your operation.


AngleLock Advantages:

GREATER STRENGTH through multiple planes of cohesion over a greater surface area. Increased mechanical bonds result in stronger frames which remain true through the challenges of static environmental influences

IMPROVED QUALITY with predictable and reliable support for your operational/equipment investments

COST SAVINGS achieved by reducing set up time and eliminating ongoing maintenance

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Need to Get in Touch?


Ready for a more in-depth back-and-forth about your structural aluminum system’s design (or converting from a welded steel one)? Feel free to reach out directly:

Our main facility is situated about 30 minutes from Milwaukee, allowing us to meet supply needs for much of the U.S. We’re open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

We encourage you to come ready so we can guide you toward the best solutions and most honest answers. Please share your project’s requirements in:


  • Budget
  • Order volume
  • Strength-weight ratio
  • Service life
  • Modularity & expansion

Need help solidifying these specs on your own? Get valuable design resources and learn more about T-slot alternatives at: