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AngleLock Bringing Patented Framing System to WESTEC 2023

AngleLock Bringing Patented Framing System to WESTEC ’23

Across nearly 60 years, WESTEC has proved to be a source of world-class education and inspiration for machinery, metal fab, and more.

AngleLock will showcase the next step in modular structural framing at WESTEC 2023, set for Nov. 7-9 at the Long Beach (Calif.) Convention Center. The team will be at Booth #2003 in the bottom-right corner of the show floor.

In a sea of innovative ideas, AngleLock’s system will stand out as the only aluminum framing to offer decades of stability, even in rugged applications. Because it’s easy to assemble, transport, and modify, this system of fixed connections can even replace welded steel in many applications, adding dramatic cost savings.

Showcasing the AngleLock Way 

At WESTEC, expect AngleLock to demonstrate the mechanically locking technology that has attracted customers ranging from Disney to Milwaukee Tools.

It’s all about long-term predictability. It’s not going to come apart. It’s not going to come loose. It just works.

But how?

AngleLock is a rigid, fixed-connection aluminum system that maintains alignment in dynamic environments. Its connections use uniquely angled fasteners and high-strength brackets with predrilled holes to resist rotation and loosening. This advanced engineering allows AngleLock to outperform T-slots, and because it’s aluminum-based, it can still solve the weight and corrosion issues steel frames face.

Some of the many advantages include:

  • Zero maintenance or downtime
  • Lightweight & easy to assemble – one person, one hex key
  • Uses less material & fewer supports

AngleLock bridges the wide gap between light-duty, T-slot-appropriate applications and the extreme use cases historically reserved for steel.


WESTEC 2023 is shaping up to be an unparalleled fusion of education, inspiration, and networking. The show has long been an ideal venue for comparing technologies side-by-side to make informed operational choices.

WESTEC attendees can talk to an AngleLock engineer at Booth #2003 to discuss stability, ease-of-use, or cost problems in their company’s designs. Because the technology is one-of-a-kind, it’s important to understand its full range of benefits and applications. Visitors can also set up a meeting with an AngleLock rep at

Be it at the show or afterward, the chance to discover how AngleLock redefines structural design is an opportunity no quality-minded buyer should miss.

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