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Custom Aluminum Extrusion Designs

Our custom aluminum extrusion designs allow our customers to find the perfect solution for their structural framing needs. Our unique technology provides 100% long-term PREDICTABILITY!


Featured Product: Welding Stand

Our Angle-Lock technology enables assemblies to stay in perfect alignment in both static and dynamic situations.


Featured Parts

  • PROFILES: the aluminum extrusion shapes available with our ANGLE-LOCK™ fastening system. They are available in lengths ranging from 25 mm (1”) to 3683mm (145”) and in some cases 25mm (1”) to 6120mm (241”).
  • COMPONENTS: the brackets and adapters needed to connect profiles together and meet other project needs.
  • RIVET SYSTEM: a flexible system of parts that pushes the boundaries of what’s capable within your structural aluminum project.
  • DOORS AND FLOORS: related items include hinges, leveling feet, casters, and handles.
  • ACCESSORIES: additional items you may need to complete your structural aluminum project.
  • HARDWARE: bulk fasteners, drop-in fasteners, and straight nuts to attach nearly anything to our profiles.