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AngleLock: The Successor in High-Durability Aluminum Framing Systems

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Imagine never having to tighten a fastener again.

AngleLock is one of many manufacturers of framing systems, but it’s the only one whose solution combines the modularity of T-slots with the sturdiness of steel. Today, AngleLock is the definitive answer to lifetime value in framing for carts and material handling, automation lines, work cells, safety cages, and other heavy-duty structures.

Who Is AngleLock?

Let’s hear it from a thrilled customer first:

“We tested AngleLock on several automation integration projects and saw immediate cost reduction because the sensors maintained perfect alignment during shipment,” says Greg Gernert, VP and general manager at Rockwell Automation. “Customers love that our solutions no longer require sensor realignment or preventative maintenance to the framing system.”

The journey to this point started In the folded carton industry. There, as part of the production process, a blanking tool separates the box from the leftover cardboard. Prior to 1995, companies were forced to routinely shut down their lines to maintain the blanking tools – tightening loose parts and replacing broken components.

At Blanking Systems Inc., I engineered a rigid system that prevented this time-wasting realignment process, allowing his stations to run faster and more efficiently. In 2016,  I formed Controlled Dynamics to bring the one-of-a-kind technology to a wider range of industries. Today, AngleLock is a standalone brand and a patented system intended as a premium solution for modularity and durability.

About the Product

To the naked eye, the AngleLock system looks nearly identical to traditional T-slot extrusion framing. As seen in this structural system video comparison, that’s about where the similarities end.

Having barely evolved since the 1970s, traditional extruded aluminum framing props up assemblies with pinned connections that can’t resist rotation. In all but the lightest-duty applications, this crudely engineered setup loosens, misaligns and fails over time, especially when exposed to vibration.

AngleLock is a rigid, mechanically locking aluminum system that maintains fixed alignment in dynamic environments. Its angled fasteners and high-strength brackets create mechanical locks that not only outperform T-slots, but also solve weight and corrosion problems inherent in steel framing.

The many advantages in total cost of ownership include:

  • Zero maintenance or downtime – structurally rigid
  • Light in weight, & lightning-quick to assemble with extreme precision
  • Uses less material & fewer supports

Success Stories

Brands like Disney, Milwaukee Tool, and Snap-On already trust the AngleLock product line. They’ve seen it eliminate downtime from loose connections; turn assembly into a quick, one-worker-one-tool job; and boost the structure’s lifetime value exponentially.

“(My customers) also appreciate the increased safety from improved operator access,” Gernert says.

There are many applications for AngleLock, a few of which are:

What’s Next For AngleLock?

To keep meeting the needs of manufacturing, automation, and other high-reliability operations, AngleLock is continuing to develop products and individual components. The team is talking shop at the WESTEC 2023 conference Nov. 7-9, swapping inspiration about designing with aluminum.

The AngleLock mission is to provide a more versatile alternative to traditional T-slot structural aluminum systems. Together, we can further expand the potential of aluminum as the preferred material for structural applications!

To learn why top brands are moving away from T-slot and even steel frames, visit

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