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AngleLock Blog: Applications

Stainless Steel Framing vs. Aluminum Systems

In just about any corner of the engineering world, the choice between aluminum vs. stainless steel...

AngleLock: The Successor in High-Durability Aluminum Framing Systems

Imagine never having to tighten a fastener again.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Cost: T-Slot vs. Advanced Framing Systems

In product design, think of cost as a two-part formula: Up-front price and long-term value.


Fixed- vs. Pinned-Connection Structural Metal Framing Systems

In structural systems, connections play a pivotal role in overall strength and stability. There are...

Industrial & Machine Door Design 101

Until one suddenly fails, operators often take doors for granted. 

[PROJECT SPOTLIGHT] Floor Locks for Carts: A Docking Alternative

Mobile carts, racks, and stands are a key part of the material handling and automation process....

How to Connect T-Slot Assemblies: Standard & Self-Aligning Frames

Aluminum extrusions are a glorious combination of modularity and lightness, making them great...

5 Robotics Safety Rules for Industrial Enclosure Design

Enclosures: dumb, boring, and a savior for automation.

6 Machine Guarding Safety Tips for Industrial Frames & Bases

If your factory safety measures aren’t safe, how safe will the operators be? And if the crew can’t...