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The Only Extruded Aluminum Framing Technology That Mimics Steel

Arm yourself with an unbeatable combination of enduring strength and modular flexibility 100% unique to your industry.

AngleLock is one of many extruded aluminum framing manufacturers in the market, but the only one that’s engineered a system to match the power of steel. AngleLock’s patented connectors and structural aluminum profiles stay aligned and precise for years, even in rugged applications. And it’s the most modular framing system yet, easy to assemble, tear down, and transport for endless repurposing.

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What We Do

  • Eliminate downtime due to loose connections
  • High-strength fasteners & proprietary engineering for rigid support
  • Lightweight, modular systems that require one builder & one tool
  • USA-made custom design – workstations, carts, enclosures, & more
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Learn why top brands are moving away from T-slot and even steel-based framing systems:

AngleLock vs. Comp

AngleLock™ vs. T-Slots & Welded Steel

Having barely evolved since the 1970s, the aluminum T-slot structural framing system props up assemblies with pinned connections that can’t resist rotation. In all but the lightest-duty applications, this crudely engineered setup loosens, misaligns and fails over time, especially when exposed to vibration.

AngleLock has developed a stiff, mechanically locking aluminum system that maintains fixed alignment in dynamic environments. Its angled fasteners and high-strength brackets create connections that not only outperform T-slots, but also solve weight and corrosion problems steel frames create.

  • Superior strength-weight ratio
  • Cut assembly time by 50% or more
  • No expensive welding or maintenance


See for yourself how AngleLock connection technology never comes loose – until you want it to:

Completely Customize Your Design

If you can dream it … we can engineer it. Our team works with you to build precisely what you’re after. Start with our standard products and customize as your project demands it. We’re up to the challenge.

Let’s Talk AngleLock!

Our team can help you find a precise and reliable solution to meet your needs. Fill out the form to get in touch. 


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See Our Catalog of Framing Profiles & Hardware

With our online catalog of aluminum frame components, you can select and create your product faster. Our engineers design each part to fit perfectly every time, and stay locked in place with patented AngleLock technology.

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Build Efficiently. Build Precisely. Build to Last