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Strong structural design is vital across sectors such as factory automation, ground transport, entertainment, logistics, trucking, trailers, and mobile homes, enabling them to handle high vibration and support high-speed operations. This approach boosts durability, reliability, and efficiency, essential for superior performance and satisfaction in demanding environments.

AngleLOCK is built with extreme precision elimitating extremely sensitive vibrations


Factory Automation

Strong structural design is essential in factory automation, ensuring machinery operates accurately and reliably at high speeds and under continuous use. It enables systems to handle high vibration and dynamic loads, minimizing downtime and maintenance. This design approach also supports scalability and technological integration, improving safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, it provides a solid foundation for enhanced productivity and competitiveness in the fast-evolving manufacturing landscape.



Strong structural design across transportation sectors enhances vehicle safety, durability, and fuel efficiency. It withstands diverse conditions, supports heavier loads, and reduces emissions, addressing evolving logistical needs and environmental concerns. This foundational approach drives the development of sustainable, efficient transportation solutions, crucial for economic and environmental sustainability.


Mobile Homes

Strong structural design, combined with self-alignment technology, enhances mobile homes' safety, durability, and assembly efficiency. This approach allows for quick setup and reduces labor costs, while ensuring homes withstand transportation and environmental stresses. Innovative materials improve insulation and energy efficiency, and the design's adaptability supports customization. Overall, it provides a sustainable, flexible housing solution that is both time-efficient and adaptable to changing needs.


Semiconductor Fab

In semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs), robust structural design supports precise manufacturing processes for electronic components. Specialized infrastructure maintains cleanroom environments with strict controls on temperature, humidity, and contamination. Strong structural elements, efficient layouts, and cleanroom design ensure optimal production workflows while prioritizing safety and sustainability.