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20x120 3-Slot LD Panel Profile

Product #:

40P03-3031-00C: BLACK

40P03-3032-00C: LIGHT BRONZE

40P03-3034-00C: CLEAR


20mm X120mm Profile w/Panel Groove
The groove on our 20mm X 120mm profile allows you to capture up to 1/8" or 3mm thick panels in the groove.  A common use for this product is for the construction of drawers with the grooves holding the drawer bottom in place.
Contact Sales for special sizing.

Material 6005-T5
Finish/Color: Type II, Architectural Class I Anodized Light Bronze 40P04-1012-000
Black  40p04-1011-000
Clear 40p04-1014-000
Weight Per Length 1.816 kg/m

1.220 lb/ft

Available Length(s)



3683 mm

25-3683 mm


1 to 145"

Cross-Sectional Area 6.727 cm2 1.043 in2
Moment Of Inertia

Ix=3.552 cm4

Iy=92.294 cm4

Ix=0.085 in4

Iy=2.217 in4

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