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AngleLock Blog

Check out our blog for the newest information on structural aluminum framing and AngleLock's unique applications!

80/20 Aluminum’s Cost (Short- & Long-Term) for Structural Framing

Aluminum extrusion framing systems are a no-brainer for many industrial and commercial products and...

4 Aluminum Extrusion Building Systems Use Cases to Boost Your Project

If there’s ever been a one-size-fits-all solution to an engineering problem, we’ve yet to meet it.

Picking Adjustable Angle Brackets for Structural Framing Systems

Angle brackets have many names – corner, mounting, L, cleat angle, terminal, gusset, and so on....

Structural Metal Framing Systems: Steel vs. Aluminum Extrusion

A new project has you looking at structural metal framing systems. 

How Aluminum Frame Design Differs From Light Structural Steel

You’re desperate to limit downtime and uphold safety standards with any metal framework supporting...

How Much Weight Can Aluminum Extrusion Framing Hold?

Did you know aluminum can pull its weight – literally – vs. steel? And did you know extruded parts...

Aluminum Structural Framing Systems: T-Slot vs. Alternatives

Can you truly improve what’s already been the accepted and established product and process for...